The Horizon of Hope

K. Roy
2 min readJan 25, 2021


It’s hard not to feel pessimistic about the current state of our country. The news seems to get grimmer every day. It’s always a new challenge, some setback, or more problems to face. How do we even begin to turn it around?

We must remain hopeful, although hope alone is not a strategy. A belief that no matter how dark it gets, the morning will bring light. No matter how brutal and harsh the storm is, clear skies will come. Regardless of how hard it rains, the sun will show again and it will dry the water and bring comfort and warmth with it. This is what we have to remain hopeful for, we know all those things will return and we know peace and happiness will also return.

But it won’t be without a fight. It will take perseverance and hard work. We will need to be focused and more resilient than we were before. We have to be willing to compromise and reconsider our thoughts and actions, as well as what is right and what is wrong.

We must return to goodness and compassion and a kinder, gentler tone with our fellow citizens. We must be willing to let differences only be used when trying to solve a problem, not when trying to convince others they are wrong. We need to lead with kindness and understanding and allow our actions to be the deciding factor, not just our words.

The answer is sometimes more simple than all the rhetoric that goes into it. When we build fences instead of extending tables, we create a world in which there is a dividing line between our thoughts and actions related to others. We put people in categories and treat them not as fellow humans, but as faceless numbers.

We must only judge people on their merit and their actions. We need to get back to faith and trust in our experts, in science, and in each other. Our passion and drive for innovation have to be aimed at cohesion, inclusion, and strength. We have to trust the process and lean into it and join the fight for finding a solution- not push against it.

Let’s take a look at our history for guidance in the future. Act with the integrity and tenacity of Truman, look for the leadership and dedication of Roosevelt and strive for the passion and vision of Kennedy.

As we turn the page on the past, we want to continue to use past experience as our beacon allowing it to light the way forward and shadow the background. We can’t fear what we can’t see, rather trust that as the path ahead comes into focus we will have the strength, guidance, and courage to take on what is next.



K. Roy

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