Pandemic Heroes, we see you.

K. Roy
3 min readAug 16, 2021

This message is for all the heroes out there.

The people who faced this pandemic with faith, courage, and strength.

The people who did the right thing in spite of the fear, not because of the fear.

For those who seek to gain credible information and use all the tools available to make informed, practical, and realistic decisions about their health, their wellbeing, and for the health and wellbeing of those around them.

It is for all the people who slowed down, masked up and adapted to the situation. For those who trusted the experts and got the vaccine as quickly as possible, and for those who stood up in support of the facts.

It is for those who showed compassion, patience, and support to the frontline workers who so many times are underappreciated, yet expected to be there when we need them. And for all the small business owners, shopkeepers, and local establishments so suffered an unimaginable loss to revenue, staffing, supplies, and morale. Our communities are built around these people and they are some of our most unsung heroes when it comes to making us feel joy and love in our community.

For all the thankless hours spent by our healthcare professionals tending the sick and dying. Especially in the times when they dealt with those opposing treatments needed to save their lives or when encountered by those who refused to believe in the science and facts. These people got the same level of care as those who got sick in spite of taking all of the precautions. The ethics you displayed during these situations is truly admirable.

To all the experts, researchers, scientists, and doctors who have dedicated their careers to understanding the scientific details most of us cannot begin to contemplate, only to be mocked and disregarded by so many who rather believe untruths, misinformation, and straight-up lies told by people only a small fraction as qualified to deliver it.

For all those less fortunate, who in spite of the situation they were in, took up the challenge of home school or jobs unfamiliar to them. Those who struggled through decreased funds, drastically diminished lifestyles, and those who suffered on the brink of personal disaster. For those who lost their homes, their jobs, and their ability to function in any capacity similar to that of the pre-pandemic state.

And to anyone who lost someone they love, someone they know, or just someone they knew of. For those who anguished over the death toll in general and those who understand the world situation in so many other regions is a million times worse than ours with only a small fraction of the available facilities, medicines, preventive measures, and information.

This thank you goes out to you, the heroes of America, who chose long-term vision over short-term consequences and momentary joy. For those who put country over self and thought carefully about the true facts, circumstances, and risks and made hard decisions about their own well-being and that of their family, friends, and neighbors.

America will get through this. It will take longer than expected and more lives will be lost than ever anticipated. We will come out on the other side more resilient and battle-hardened than before, but ready to deal with our next set of circumstances using the hard-earned knowledge and experience we have gained. It isn’t all for nothing, no great challenge is ever without some great lesson. How we use this newfound wisdom is up to us.

To all those who have suffered and are still suffering, your sacrifice is not in vain. Your deeds are not unnoticed. Your strength is not unappreciated. We take this moment to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.



K. Roy

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