Once Upon a Horror Story

As the MAGA era loiters on, we find that the channel is just stuck on repeat. No new information, just a recap of the grievances of the past queued up to continue well into the abominable future. At the helm remains a cast of the disgruntled, the wannabes, the low moral opportunists, as well as the elected ‘un-officials’ in a competition to see who can come up with the most outlandish, untrue, or just plain mean statements and actions led by none other than a former US President. What plays out is much like a low budget horror film where the main villain simply won’t go away in spite of having destroyed pretty much everything and everyone in its path and having lost much of its strength and ability, the crusade of hate continues on well into way more sequels than any sane person would care to watch.

It seems pretty impossible, if not simply imaginable, that a continued effort rooted so much in hate and misinformation could continue at the pace that it has, yet it is still here, hanging on for dear life. Catering to its diligent few, including those whose moral compass has led them to the source of the greatest anger and manufactured outrage, along with the woefully confused, corrupt, or otherwise misunderstood, we find our country in quite a precarious position.

The quicksand of lies has swallowed up so many that the task to unearth them seems to be quite a daunting challenge, even with the right tools and equipment. How does one go about sucking in so many seemingly normal Americans into what can only be described as a cult of the misguided? The recipe isn’t complicated, in fact, it’s a concoction we have certainly seen, or at least read about in the past. The sad reality is that in hindsight it appears impossible to not recognize the situation in order to take action. How do so many people both participate, as well as stand by idle as it occurs? It seems that when the poison is administered slowly, one learns to consume it and somehow live with the effects rather than fight to refuse the next dose. And isn’t this how all good atrocities go? Rarely do they start at the pinnacle, but instead slowly rise from the shadows at a pace that almost goes unnoticeable as far as impact on the general population. Each act or statement, on its own, is almost insignificant or negligible, but when added together over time creates a disturbing, almost absurd environment for both the victims and the witnesses.

For those who are most victimized by this nefarious situation, we see a general theme in their origination. Those who feel left out of the system, are underrepresented and misunderstood. Many are those who are not exposed to vast cultural representation, extensive education, or provided the opportunity to critically view the landscape; therefore end up easily convinced by attention-grabbing headlines, grocery store conversations, and what the social media giants have presented to them. Most of this crowd lacks the ability, knowledge, and desire to distinguish questionable ‘facts’ from the reality they see with their own eyes and hear with their own ears. They have somehow found an outlet for years of discontent with what they view as a system that caters to the wealthy, elite, and the privileged few and now feel they have an opportunity to be seen and their complaints heard and dealt with. The MAGA crowd is seemingly on board to believe virtually any crazy conspiracy theory no matter how void of logic or facts, yet when faced with matters of science or those with solid proof they are willing to consistently choose crazy. This phenomenon is both shocking and sad, as an America absent of sanity creates a perfectly horrid combination of ambition and lunacy.

The sad reality of this position is the MAGA minions are only pawns in this big game of political manipulation. Somehow convinced of a reality that does not exist by people who not only cannot relate to them but frankly don’t care to. The MAGA crowd has chosen a make-believe world created for them with lies, disinformation, spun stories, and most critically; a presentation of what feels like representation by their own elected officials. Elected officials have chosen airtime over ethics, notoriety over morals, and popularity over principles. They aren’t career public servants interested in furthering the development of our democracy, but rather functioning fruitcakes who’d rather ride the crazy train around town as opposed to cooperating in any form of reasonable political action aimed at the greater good.

The saddest part of this story isn’t the beginning, the middle, but the end. The end is where the MAGA crowd slowly discovers that they were strung along and manipulated like a scuzzy college boyfriend, just using you for whatever value can be drained before leaving without so much as an explanation. The horror of these relationships often times comes from what is able to be accomplished in such a relatively small amount of time using just simple tactics. A desperate and unsuspecting victim can be convinced of almost any ridiculous existence when they trust their assailant enough. The world no longer becomes a place of facts or proof, just empty promises and hollow words meant to string along the act just a bit longer.

Even a sad Greek tragedy generally ends with an exodus, which we are all anxiously awaiting at this point. The Cult of Chucky might very well continue well past the point of viability, slashing victims and stealing souls long after the point we all wish for the gore & greed of the sequel to end.


An honest look at America and what we can do to make it better.

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K. Roy

An honest look at America and what we can do to make it better.