In this Moment

K. Roy
4 min readMay 30, 2022


The future is going to look back on this moment in time and realize that there were Americans, even elected officials, that found it a better use of their time to denigrate ideas that benefited all Americans and instead promoted hate, violence, and extremism. It’s almost as if their motive is based solely on these premises and that alone is what they represent.

Imagine being so morally bankrupt that when given the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than you, or to use your voice or your position for something positive, you instead take it upon yourself to figure out all the evil and hateful ways of working against it. It’s hard to imagine what type of elected officials would take advantage of people and moments and situations where they could somehow twist the anger and dissatisfaction with government, rule of law, or just basic everyday facts to further promote anger and escalation of violence. That they would seize the opportunity, when they spot a weakness in our country, and instead of filling it with truth, optimism, and love they instead choose to utilize it as a weapon against everything that we’ve worked for and everything the constitution stands for. Imagine being so desperate for attention or validation, or maybe just being so angry inside that you can’t find it within yourself to join forces with those that are trying to do good and you instead figure out every possible way of twisting it into something bad and celebrating it and getting people so angry that they want to join in.

What it would look like is a world unrecognizable to many. An environment so toxic and so hateful that for many people it’s all they can see around them. Claiming that the actions are done in the name of patriotism, when in fact there is no greater act of treason. America, we deserve better. We deserve better for ourselves and for our fellow Americans, and most certainly from our elected officials.

My fellow Americans, The darkness has been shown to us and it’s deeply disturbing and inherently evil. We are tired and desensitized to much of what we’re exposed to and it almost feels like it’s too big of a challenge to attempt, but we must emerge battle-hardened and ready to stand up and join in and face reality without fear or doubt. Our republic is at stake, and somehow if we can continue to push beyond those who wish it to overturn, we will still be left with the unrecognizable fragments of humans we once knew as neighbors, family, and friends. As with any war, there will be casualties. There will be those who don’t make it through the battle or who are not up to the challenge of overcoming the mounting pressure of what it will take to enter back into a country more closely unified by good and positive, forward-thinking.

The sad reality is they may never realize how easily they were swallowed up in the web of lies and deceit. How eager they were to join in on a crusade that had only bad intentions at the core. How being fed fabricated fairytales can lead to such an uprising of anger and animosity towards even simple facts and reality and anything that gets in the way of the lies they hold so precious.

It’s an unimaginable tragedy for all Americas, as we function best when we stand united as a country.

All is not lost in this moment, as hard as it sometimes seems to believe. The promise of a united tomorrow is always there, it’s within reach when we begin to move the needle back towards truth and goodness and strength of a nation united. There is always an opportunity to push beyond the pain and tragedy of those who have chosen the path of destruction. There is always room to educate and promote sources for solid, factual information even when the gains from it are merely incremental. We didn’t get here overnight, and we cannot return from it in a single moment. The reality is far more grave than many realize, as they go about their daily lives either not paying attention or listening to the snippets of twisted facts spread through the air like pollen. They catch a whiff of it and continue their day, not even knowing what came over them. Not spending any effort to investigate, understand, or even be concerned but only to mention casually if it’s a fact to the next eager victim.

America, we may be momentarily knocked down, but we are not out. The morals and values that our founding immigrants and forefathers used to establish our country and develop our system of regulation are still intact at our fundamental core. The love of country will always be the rock-solid base in which we will ensure our democracy continues, no matter how many times it is challenged.



K. Roy

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